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Bluefox AVI to iPod Converter

Bluefox AVI to iPod Converter is a nice AVI iPod converter converting AVI to iPod format
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19 October 2012

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Formats have come a long way from the simple AVI, MP3 which used to exist some year ago. Formats are now in plentiful and people have a major choice on their hands as to which format would suit them best. Moreover with the advancement in technology new gadgets and appliances require different kinds of formats to be played on them since all the formats are not supported. This is where the work of converters comes into play so that these formats can be converted according to the user’s needs and choices. Bluefox AVI to iPod Converter is an easy to use software application that allows the user to convert AVI files into formats more relevant to the iPod.

The converter can help in transforming AVI format into MP4, MP3 and AAC format for the iPod for easy and smooth playback without the hassle of format faults. The process of conversion in Bluefox AVI to iPod Converter is perfectly clear to understand and employ so much so even a baby can do it. A few clicks here and there and with the push of a button, your selected file will be converted to increase playback effectiveness. There are a number of features included within the software which include batch conversions that make life easier by converting several formats at a single time. The perfect solution option allows the user to decide the video scale from 4:9 or 16:9 ratio along with others. The user can customize the codec according to his wishes. An added function of previewing the video is also available to the user if he so wishes to do.

Bluefox AVI to iPod Converter is a fantastic converted for all those iPhone carrying people out there as it introduces them to the world of unlimited video playback disregarding format problems. It gets a score of 3.5 out of 5.

Publisher's description

Bluefox AVI to iPod Converter is a nice AVI iPod converter converting AVI to iPod format. It can help you convert AVI to MP4, AVI to MP3, AVI to AAC format for your iPod Player (iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod Touch).
With Bluefox AVI to iPod Converter's cute and easy-to-use interface, just a few clicks you can convert AVI to your iPod. It supports variable parameters to control the quality of output video files, including video size, bit rate, frame rate, etc. And it also provides Multithreading and batch conversion.
Key Feature
1.Batch conversion -- you can enactment every video converting task flexibly, and the task can be saved and load.
2.Perfect solution of 16:9-4:3 video convert -- Bluefox AVI to iPod Converter offer a perfect solution of convert iPod video between different video scale whether wide screen 16:9 to normal screen 4:3 or 4:3 to 16:9. You were offered 7 options for choosing. And no matter AVI to MP4, AVI to MP3, AVI to AAC etc.
3.User-adjustable codec parameter setting -- All of the video codec parameters is optimized and predigested, the default setting can get good quality iPod video, and you also can set them flexibly to get excellent quality MP4 video files.
4.View the information of the original files-- You can view the detail information about video codec, video bit rate, frame rate, audio codec, audio bit rate, sample rate etc.
5.Windows VISTA supported well
6.Perfect support H.264 format
7.Concise and friendly interface
8.Play video files for preview-- You can play video files to be converted in the list for the purpose of preview.
Bluefox AVI to iPod Converter
Bluefox AVI to iPod Converter
Version 3.01.12
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